EAK Research Institute is busy with a variety of research projects. Most recently, the institute has been making the occasional foray into the store room at the Bristol City Museum to get a look at the bits of the Natural History Collection that aren’t on public display. This has been courtesy of the very accommodating and welcoming Natural Science Collection Officer, Rhian Rowson. Many photographs have been taken and texts written - watch this space, as they say. Past projects have included In her Shoes, a collaborative theatre project involving social scientists from Bristol University; the Human Random Number Generator; Random Text Generator; and a Group Theory lecture. The last three all were all inspired by discussions with a mathematician from Bristol University. We hope that our intern will be updating this page soon and putting in some links.

(Sorry, she still hasn’t turned up. So, we are now looking at getting a student in on work experience. In the meantime, below is a rare photo of the Human Random Number Generator at work and you can click here to see the Number.)