EAK Enterprises is a cluster of independent, diverse, yet fundamentally linked, projects and concerns. Its activities range from publishing and public engagement events to postcard production and archiving; from the poetic to the pragmatic; from the imaginative to the instructive; and from the intangible to the informational.

Its main aim is the promotion of a more questioning and thoughtful approach to living through stimulation of the brain and disruption of fixed lines of thought. Our hope is that this will lead to greater personal fulfilment and, perhaps, eventually, world peace. (Actually, we’ve reassessed and now realised that the latter is beyond our remit and, frankly, our abilities.)

The project was conceived late in 1966 and instigated in 1967 when Éilis Kirby was recruited as the first, and only, public representative. However, Éilis was involved in other activities and not truly focused on the job until the early nineties when assumed her current position.